Upper Eyelid Liner is a tattoo technique that gives perfectly lined upper eyelid that creates an illusion of wider eyes.

How does it work: Prior to the actual procedure, you will have a consultation with our dermatologist to evaluate your needs and expectations. Anesthesia will be applied on your eyelids. This will be removed and the eyeliner shape will be planned. Once you approve the shape, a first pass of the chosen ink color will be applied using a digital tattoo machine. Our doctor only uses new and sterilized needles for every patient. Every now and then, the doctor will ask you to stand up to analyze the symmetry of your eyelids.

How often do you need the treatment: A touch up session is scheduled 1-2 months after the first session. The treatment will last anywhere from 1-2 years, so succeeding touch ups can be scheduled from 9-18 months.

Pain: Since our tattoo artist is a doctor, he will ask you to take a pain medication before the procedure, provided you do not have any allergies with the pain reliever. Our doctor uses two types of anesthesia for this procedure. The first anesthesia will be applied on the eyelids for 45min to make the skin numb. The second anesthesia will be applied on the eyelids after the first pass and before the succeeding passes of the tattoo. You may still feel some pressure or minor discomfort during the procedure despite the application of the anesthesia depending on your pain tolerance. Our doctor will constantly evaluate your pain perception during the entire procedure and will apply anesthesia as necessary. Overall, the procedure is very tolerable.

What to expect after the procedure: The upper eyelid liner color will be darker than the chosen color. This is important because there will be a 20% lightening of the color after a month. The eyelids will be swollen for a number of days. As the local anesthesia wears off, pain can be more pronounced about two hours after the procedure. The pain is still tolerable though. After 2-3 days, the pain will be replaced by itching as the skin starts to heal. In 7-14 days, the healing should have completed.

After treatment care: The treated area should be kept clean. Specific instructions will be given by our doctor. Vigorous activities that will result to sweating (gym) or soaking of the skin (swimming) should be avoided during the next two weeks.

Advantages of semi-permanent ink: The procedure uses semi-permanent ink which lasts 1-2 years. This means the upper eyelid liner shape can be appropriately re-adjusted as a person's face changes over time, which is ideal since everyone ages. Semi-permanent ink is mostly composed of iron oxide which is less likely to cause allergic reactions. Semi-permanent ink has also less chances of spreading which causes blurring of the borders of the tattoo.

Why not do the lower eyelid liner: Lower Eyelid area is more prone to the spreading of pigment which creates dark circles underneath the eyes.

Why do it in Derma 360: Our tattoo artist is a fully licensed DERMATOLOGIST who does not only have an eye for beauty but also has expert knowledge of the layers of the skin, anatomy, allergies, sterility, and wound healing. You will get an honest assessment especially for those who have had an eyebrow tattoo using permanent ink. You will get perfectly-shaped brows with complete medical support.

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