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[one_full last="yes" spacing="yes" center_content="no" hide_on_mobile="no" background_color="" background_image="" background_repeat="no-repeat" background_position="left top" hover_type="none" link="" border_position="all" border_size="0px" border_color="" border_style="" padding="" margin_top="" margin_bottom="" animation_type="" animation_direction="" animation_speed="0.1" animation_offset="" class="" id=""][fusion_text]The powerful GentleYAG™ laser is also an outstanding way to rejuvenate sagging or wrinkly skin with no downtime. It creates significant improvement in pore size, skin tone, and texture. It has been the favorite non-invasive treatment option of many-- both physicians and patients alike-- to delay skin aging and eliminate the need for future invasive cosmetic surgeries. GentleYAG™ may also be used to treat striae (stretch marks), acne scars, and improve surgical and traumatic scars. Due to the deep penetration of GentleYAG™ into the skin, it is also effectively used for tightening other areas of the body.

How often do I need to do the treatment?

On the average, a series of three to six consecutive sessions one month apart deliver optimal results. Results are cumulative. Although one may notice improvement after one session, a series of three monthly sessions would be good to start with, to see more significant to marked results. Depending on what has been achieved, an evaluation by our physician may be done, if more sessions are needed. You may already notice improvement in two to four weeks after a treatment, but maximum results still continue to be achieved even up to four to six months after your series of treatments. Touch-up sessions may be done in the future.

How does GentleYAG™ work for skin refining?

The laser flashes beams of 1064nm laser light, which penetrate the skin to the dermis. This initiates a complex wound- healing response that stimulates the rebuilding and remodelling of collagen in the skin. Wrinkles and skin laxity are improved from the inside.[/fusion_text][/one_full]

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